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Once upon a time (circa 1980), the phone company presented me with a $250,000 bill. I didn't think that I had called that much, so I called to ask what happened. Their response was: pay the bill and if there is a credit, I'll get it back next billing cycle as this was the work of the "COMPUTER".

Intrigued, I went to the library, borrowed the only two books they had about the "COMPUTER" and so started a love affair that has lasted over thirty years and is still going strong.

I went back to school, graduated with a degree in Computer Systems Analysis and Programming and during that time, one of my classmates, who knew that I was also involved with the psychic world, told me it was a shame that a computer couldn;t read Tarot cards. A challenge and the birth of the eScopes software, computer generated Tarot, Biorhythms, Future Forecast, Love Scope and Palm Analysis printouts, that have been selling rather well at psychic fairs, markets, etc. worldwide for over 30 years.

Over the years I have designed and written many different software packages, some business oriented (Notemagic, Daybook, Prospects), some designed to generate income (eScopes, Aura Analysis) and other to entertain (Biorhythms).

With the advent of smart phones and tablets, I have also written a variety of Apps / responsive websites.

Over thirty years of programming, designing and sales has resulted in a number of web-sites. This webshop is my attempt to pull it all together under one roof. I hope that you enjoy it.

Flying Free New Age Gifts

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