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GTV Palo Santo votive 55gr

Scented candle Palo Santo has a pleasant and soothing scent. This fragrance has the ability to impro..

2.95€ Ex Tax: 2.44€

GTV Rose Vanilla votive 55gr

Scented candle Rose Vanilla, a loving sweet fragrance that brings tranquillity and harmony to your h..

2.95€ Ex Tax: 2.44€

GTV Sandalwood & Clove votive 55gr

Scented candle Sandalwood & Clove, a soft fragrance and made from extracts of the Sandalwood tre..

2.95€ Ex Tax: 2.44€

GTV Very Berry votive 55gr

Scented candle Very Berry is a fruity, sweet fragrance for a cosy atmosphere.Very Berry fragrance vo..

2.95€ Ex Tax: 2.44€

GTV White Flowers votive 55gr

Scented candle  White Flowers, a delicate fragrance reminiscent of small tender blossoms with a..

2.95€ Ex Tax: 2.44€

GTV White Sage votive 55gr

White Sage scented candle is a gentle scent of sage that cleans the environment.White Sage fragrance..

2.95€ Ex Tax: 2.44€

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